Horse Riding
with the person at the center

The "Università dell’Equitazione" is the equestrian center of excellence that Rome has been missing. It was born with the idea of placing people to the center of the system, by modeling the offer of real needs.

Horse Riding School

Every age is offering us a different way of living the horse riding. Thanks to this, the methodology that we follow does the physic, mental and emotive development of the individual. From the first learning of the fundamentals it progresses into the agonistic preparation, until the competition for the podium, to reach in the end the horse riding as physic activity, finalized for the welfare, for the rest of the life.

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Manimal Experiential Courses

Manimal is a protocol of learning based on experience. Through the interactions with the horse makes to develop relational abilities, emotive intelligence, mindfulness, management of personal energy and teams.

Higher Education

Our courses of High Education offer the best preparation both on athletes and future managers of the horse riding world.

We take care of the horses

We also want that the “Università dell’Equitazione” makes a pleasant place for horses. The stable is projected by taking care of the needs of socialization, the paddocks makes them to spend much time in the outside, as they would do in nature. Moreover, every horse receives a specific food supply, based on its features.

We teach with care

Horse riding can be an extraordinary trip, if you find the right way and you have proper guides with whom you can reach it. For this reason, we select the best instructors, trainers and coaches, which are able to offer everyone the experience of ideal learning.

Giving space to a great passion

The Università dell’Equitazione can be found in wide green area in Rome, near the center of EUR. A well-kept and welcoming structure, equipped to host any type of activity.

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