Manimal for companies

A New Energy for Business

The experience of meeting with the horse can unlock those skills and energies necessary to improve the company’s performance. The Manimal protocol can help your company to support change paths, train leadership, enhance relationship effectiveness, develop "dream teams" capable of generating energy.


The course can be modulated in one or more workshop and follow up sessions. Before each path there is a focus group in the company to define the objectives and build the tailor-made program. After this phase, the team works in a very interactive way, alternating theoretical moments with moments of interaction with the horse from the ground. Team games allow you to train relationship skills and improve energy within the team.


The Manimal Method

This experiential way is based on the Manimal method, an innovative approach based on the relationship between man and animal and applied exclusively by the “Università dell’ Equitazione” to the relationship between man and horse.

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