Manimal for people

Knowing Yourself through Equitation

The stable becomes the place where you can find well-being, inner balance, harmony with others. The encounter with the horse is an unforgettable moment that puts us back in touch with our true nature.


Manimal courses for people take place in the stables, in highly interactive sessions, which alternate theoretical moments with moments of contact with the horse from the ground. Three routes with different purposes are available.

1. Emotional Intelligence Laboratory

  • Through a theoretical-practical model, this path helps to get to know each other better and manage oneself.
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2. Personal and Relational effectiveness Laboratory

  • This path trains relationship skills and stimulates reflections on those elements that allow us to create connections with each other.
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3. Mindfulness Laboratory

  • A stimulating route, individual and group, to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence in your daily life.
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The Manimal Method

This experiential way is based on the Manimal method, an innovative approach based on the relationship between man and animal and applied exclusively by the “Università dell’ Equitazione” to the relationship between man and horse.

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