Manimal for schools

Play and Learn in the Stable

The world of horseback riding can teach a lot to the little ones: even the proximity to the horses transfers them important values and listening skills, empathy, cooperation.


Manimal courses for schools take place in the stables, in highly interactive sessions. They involve group games, drawings, theoretical moments and interaction with the horse. Three routes are available according to the group.

1. Experiential Laboratory for Maternity School

  • A course dedicated to the little ones: a fun and constructive approach to the pony.

2. Experiential Laboratory for Elementary School

  • A course to train the game, the listening skills, respect for the others time.

3. Experiential Laboratory for Middle School

  • A laboratory that teaches you to listen, to recognize your emotions, to cooperate, to focus the attention.


The Manimal Method

This experiential way is based on the Manimal method, an innovative approach based on the relationship between man and animal and applied exclusively by the “Università dell’ Equitazione” to the relationship between man and horse.

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