Riding courses

Discoveries of each age

Grow, improve, challenge, mature, find balance and well-being. Thanks to a careful and articulated program of courses, horse riding accompanies the individual in all stages of its life, respecting its rhythms and needs.

The Beginning of an extraordinary journey

Horse riding for beginners

Children take their first steps into the world of horse riding. It starts with learning in a game context, then acquiring the basic motor patterns and learning the basic sport skills. At the end of the course, the children "have learned to learn". This phase involves structured moments of parental involvement.


Discovering Athletes

Horse riding to improve

The children train more autonomously. In this phase, strength, aerobic capacity and tactical sense improve. This new confidence makes them able to train to compete and then, when the skills are mature, to perfect their performance to achieve performance in line with their potential.


A Patrimony for a lifetime

Horse riding for well-being

Leaving the competitions behind, this phase aims to achieve a smooth transition from a competitive career to physical and sporting activity for a lifetime. This path can also be chosen by those who approach horseback riding in adulthood.


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