The “Universita dell’ Equitazione” is the riding centre of excellence in Rome. A reality born from the love for the world of horses, in all is skills: from experiences of those who take their first steps to the professional training of athletes and instructors.

The Philosophy

We believe that horseback riding is much more than a sport: for us it is a way of life. This is why we want those who enter this world to want to stay there, grow and improve. And the only way to achieve this is to always offer an excellent experience.

The “Università dell’ Equitazione” also explores new territories, new dimensions of the relationship between man and horse. With our mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs we go beyond horse riding as a sport.

Direction and Team for Didactics

All the teachers, trainers and coaches are professionals whose qualification is supported, in addition to the mature experience, by certifications acquired nationally and internationally. Each program is coordinated by a Program Director who supervises the design, progress and effectiveness of the program and identifies the faculty and team members.


Fondatore dell’Università dell’Equitazione, imprenditore

Italian entrepreneur engaged over the years in various sectors. He founded Nesea, a company initially focused on technology and digital innovation services, and now also on change management, leadership and soft skill courses. In 2016 he founded the “Università dell’ Equitazione” to develop an innovate the equestrian sector by offering innovative training programs.


Fondatrice, Università dell’Equitazione

Graduated in Psychology, she has managed for over twenty years the talent acquisition and development processes in consultancy firms. She covered the role of HR manager taking care of training courses for soft skills development. She is the founder of the “Università dell’ Equitazione”and handles the research and development of innovative programs for UdE.


HR & People Transformation Advisor and Trainer / Professor Adjunct alla Luiss Business School / Coach ICF / Program Director Mentally Fit Institute Italia

HR & People Transformation Advisor and Trainer. Professor Adjunct at Luiss Business School. Coach ICF. Program Director Mentally Fit Institute Italy. She has more than twenty years of experience in Human Resources gained both in the consulting field and in managerial roles in the company in Italy and abroad, until the position of Vice President of a multinational. He founded the Manimal protocol.


Country Manager Mentally Fit Institute / Executive Coach ICF

Country Manager Mentally Fit Institute. ICF Executive Coach. Trainer of emotional intelligence and neuro linguistic programming. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Protocol Instructor. He founded the Manimal protocol. It is SixSeconds certificate. He's a triathlon coach.



Economics and Management Student. Practice riding from the age of six. Currently active at the competitive level in the discipline of obstacle jumping and committed to experimenting a new figure of equestrian athlete along with technicians, athletic trainers and mental-coaches.


Medico Veterinario specialista in medicina e chirurgia del cavallo

She has thirty years of experience as a professional. She was a lecturer for about fifteen years at the school of specialization in medicine and horse surgery of the University of Teramo and PhD in Veterinary Emergency Medicine. She is the author of several publications and has participated as a speaker in conferences and seminars in the field of horse medicine.


Medico Veterinario specialista in medicina e chirurgia del cavallo

Internationally renowned athlete, she started her career in Complete and then switched to Dressage.  In her track record we can find three participations in the European Junior Complete Championship, one Junior Italian Absolute Complete title, nine Senior Italian Absolute Dressage titles, four Senior European Dressage Championships, the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Dressage partecipation, 7 Bronze medals for CONI sporting value. Today she acts as Technical Director, Instructor and Trainer for dressage programs including the Paralympic sector. She is the only one in Italy having the 4th Level European Instructor title.


Personal trainer e preparatore atletico

Personal trainer and athletic trainer with decades of experience in preparing and planning personalized medium- and long-term training programs to achieve goals. He is the author of handouts and numerous articles for the newspaper "The Sports Courier".


Personal trainer e consulente sportiva

Personal trainer and consultant for the preparation of innovative and personalized training programs. Today she works as a freelancer and deals with athletic preparation, functional recovery after injury, weight loss and body recomposition and training in pregnancy.

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